Clean House: My Journey to Clean(er) Eating & Caring For My Most Important Space (Update #1)

So I’m over a month into my journey to eating better, being more active, and just taking better care of my body and my day to day health in general. And I’m happy to report that I’ve definitely made progress.

As I said in my original post, I was leaning a little bit over 140 lbs. In college, I was 125 lbs. I’m 5’3”, so 140 lbs. for me is by no means overweight, but it’s definitely that zone where you have to stop and say “Ok, I gotta watch what I eat now” because it’s that borderline mark. And the fact that I was eating way more and more times a day than I was usually do, being sedentary all day at my job, and not really having time or making time to be active, it began to accumulate. Plus, I started feeling more tired and groggy…not just because I’m out 12-13 hrs a day, but I just felt like the food I was eating was sitting like a log in my stomach. And the fact that I was getting a gut added to that feeling. And I was snacking a lot, so that didn’t help. Also, my #drinkmorewater goals had fallen off. Even though I wasn’t drinking soda…I was drinking sugary Starbucks tea concoctions, Jamba Juices, and soft drinks instead.

A detox was needed. I realized I needed to take control and be more aware of what food I’m consuming and how I’m treating and caring for my body again.  So I came up with this plan:


  1. Eat fruit and/or vegetables in some non-processed form every meal (or at least for two meals a day) with no extra, sugar, salt, or oils added.
  2. Stick to grilled or baked chicken and turkey
  3. Cut back on the processed foods you eat – no crackers, tortilla chips, pretzel chips, etc. and you can only have pasta, pizza, or sub/sandwich ONCE a week
  4. Drink only water (drink 70 fl oz. per day) and green tea during the week. You can have a ginger ale or drink during the weekend.
  5. No more snacking during work. Drink water/tea when you feel the urge to snack.
  6. No eating out of boredom, only eat when you feel hungry!

So, what’s the progress I’ve made?…

Two weeks ago, I decided to actually start documenting my weight loss consistently. I bought a East Smart Precision scale from Amazon. It’s simple and has a bright digital display, which is what I wanted instead of using my mom’s dial scale that’s old as or older than I am (sorry, Mom lol). My goal weight is between 127 lbs – 130 lbs. As of the week of August 25, I was 136.8 lbs…3 to 4 lbs down from where I started! By that time, I was eating better and more or less according to the guidelines above that I set for myself and also going to the gym twice a week with one of my close friends.  Today I weighed myself again…

As of today, I’m 134.2 lbs! A little over two more lbs. down!

I’m excited about my progress because these are the results you get when you not only set goals, but put a plan in place to execute to those goals. And it’s not just the weight loss…I feel more energy and ability to get things done, especially with being more active and exercising again. I’m also more mentally aware, and being more conscious and present because I’m making mindful decisions about what I’m doing, eating, etc.

And I still enjoy a slice of pizza or a burrito once/twice a week, too.

More updates to come…




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