The Past, Present, and Future of AFRO. GIRL. LOVELY

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AFRO. GIRL. LOVELY exists as a platform to promote the benefit and beauty of a natural, holistic, self-caring lifestyle through natural skin care, natural hair, and overall health and wellness.

My journey started with my natural hair. I technically have had natural hair my whole life (no perms) but until 2012, my hair was lifeless from constant hot comb presses and throwing it back into a petite ponytail once the spiral curls went limp. My hair is already fine and prone to breakage, but the excessive heat made my hair different textures and lengths all over my head – and most of all, weak, dry, and brittle. Styles I wanted were hard to achieve or not able to hold…or left a side-eye and a comment from my mom (lol). And although I wanted more from my hair… hair care wasn’t something I was good at or really knew how to do properly. I was stuck with dull, thin, flat, dry, uninteresting hair and no idea what to do with it.

The summer before my senior year of college, I told my hairdresser that I wanted all of the dead,  heat damaged hair chopped off. I was tired of not knowing how to deal with my hair or how to make it look “good”, struggling with the limpness and damaged textures. I was tired of my mom saying that “it needs help” and the constant commentary. I was tired of looking at it with dissatisfaction and longing. I had been researching natural hair and natural hair care…and I decided that even though I never had a perm, this would be the start of MY natural journey.

Cutting that hair off was one of the best decisions of my life.

I had my own TWA (teeny weeny afro). For the first time, my hair felt strong – it had a consistent texture and feel to it. I saw short, pretty coils flourishing from my head. I felt like I was starting over in the best way possible. My hair continued to grow as I cared for it, becoming fuller, stronger, healthier…it had LIFE to it. I also truly believe (for me personally) that the decision to do a big chop and starting a natural hair journey was one of the seeds that resulted in the growing confidence I have today. Confidence in my appearance, confidence in my abilities, confidence in my expression…just overall confidence in myself.

As I learned more and more about natural hair products, my interest and study in nutrition led me to want to know more about products with natural ingredients. This eventually introduced me to experimenting with making my own products (I remember the time in college where I tried to make an egg mask for my hair with olive and joboba oils – it was a fail). And after college, I eventually found an even greater love for natural skin care.

As the biggest organ we have, what we put on our skin, to me, is as important as what we put in our bodies. Just like we need to mindful of what we eat, we need to be mindful of the ingredients in our skin care. And just like the rest of your body thanks you by consuming vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients – your skin responds and thanks you as well. It’s my favorite form of self-care, nourishing as it is therapeutic.

That’s what the natural journey should be about. It’s not about growing it the longest hair or having the most butters, oils, and products…it’s about the confidence, freedom, and expression in embracing and working with the stuff the Creator put on Earth for us to use to live in health and abundance. Loving yourself by caring for yourself. Making sure you’re hydrated, nourished, shining, and thriving. That is what I want AFRO. GIRL. LOVELY to really be about. On this blog journal, I will document my own continuing journey and I hope it helps, encourages, and maybe even inspires others.



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